2019 Weight Loss Competition has begun!

The Charles & Barbara Duboc Cardio Health & Wellness Center (CWC) at Saint Luke’s is sponsoring its 11th Annual Weight Loss Competition (WLC). It is open to everyone—employees, patients, visitors, friends, and family (WLC Champions are not eligible to participate). The initial weigh-ins will take place April 1 through April 5, 2019.

This is a weight loss competition with both women’s and men’s individual categories. The person in each category who has the greatest percent reduction in weight will win 75 percent of the pot (money), second place in each category receives 15 percent, and third place receives 10 percent. Each participant contributes $35 for registration—or, if registering with a partner, the fee is $50 for both. The money will be used for prize winnings, so the more who register, the bigger the prize amount. $5 of the registration fee goes towards administrative costs.

Information will be sent weekly to your registered e-mail address.  This will include hints on diet, exercise, and healthful tips.  Prizes are going to be awarded monthly for those who weigh in.

April initial registration:  Fitbit Charge 3

4 Week Weigh-in May 1-3: Cooking Class for 2 / Cookbook

8 Week Weigh-in May 29-31: Blood Pressure machine

12 Week Weigh-in June 24-28: Body Composition Analysis scan


Link for locations can be found here:  2019 WLC Flier FINAL.

If you would like to fill out your registration form in advance, here is the link:  2019 Registration Flier 2 pgs FINAL

If you have any questions, please contact:

We will be posting new forms every few weeks to keep everyone motivated and on track with your healthy lifestyle changes.



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