2019 Weight Loss Competition (WLC)

Information for our 11th Annual Weight Loss Competition (WLC) is now being released!

Yes we are having the 2019 WLC!  But  . . . . 

We are changing a few things for the 2019 WLC with a new theme of Continue Your 2019 Journey

 In the past, people were wanting us to start right at the New Year due to the excitement of renewal through a new weight loss journey.  For 2019, we want to make sure you CONTINUE the progress you have started. 

We will be starting the 2019 WLC after all the traditional Spring Breaks are over.  Registration will be April 1st through 5th, and final weigh-in during June 24th to 28th.  Individual sites are still being determined and we will have those locations available by the end of February.  We will post them on this web page and fliers will be available at all sites. 

A few changes for 2019:

1.  For those that were prior participants over the past three years, you will need to be within 20 pounds of your final recorded weight.  Example: If initial weight was 150 in a prior year and final weight was 125, you could not weigh more than 145 to participate in current year (125 + 20 = 145) BUT you can always weigh less! Our goal at CWC is for you to not only lose weight but maintain a healthy lifestyle in the process.

2. For all sites away from Saint Luke’s Cardiovascular Consultants sites, we will be requiring Credit Card payments this year.  This will enable us to process payments quicker AND get the total winning amounts posted within the first 45 days.  The form will be provided to you at your registration site.  

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 816-751-8480 (ljwilson@saintlukeskc.org) or Tammy Gazzano at 816-751-8327 (tgazzano@saintlukeskc.org). 

 Further information will be posted on our website, www.cardiowellnesscenter.org.

 Lori and Tammy

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