9th Annual Weight Loss Competition (WLC) – Register week of February 6th

The Cardio Wellness Center at Saint Luke’s is sponsoring our 9th Annual Weight Loss Competition (WLC).  It is open to everyone – employees, patients, visitors, friends, and family – WLC Champions are not eligible to participate.  The initial weigh-ins will be February 6 through February 10, 2017.


Click here for the Weight Loss Competition Details and Registration Form.

So what is this all about?

This is a weight loss competition with both Women’s and Men’s Individual categories. The person in each category who has the greatest percent reduction in weight will win 75% of the pot (money), second place in each category receives 15% of the pot, and third place receives 10% of the pot. Each participant contributes $35.00 for registration or if registering with a partner, the fee is $50 for both.  The money will be used for prize winnings  . . . . so the more who register . . . the bigger the prize amount. Five dollars ($5.00) goes towards administrative costs.

What is required?

Initial weigh-in dates are February 6th through 10th with additional dates of February 11th at Jewish Community Center.   Our Final Weigh-in is May 1st through May 5th, with the final date of May 6th at Jewish Community Center. There are dates for monthly weigh-ins for March and April listed on the flier … monthly weigh-ins are encouraged but not mandatory to participate.

What can I win?

Aside from feeling great, looking great and improving your health, you can win money too!

  • 1st prize: 75% of the prize pot
  • 2nd prize: 15% of the prize pot
  • 3rd prize: 10% of the prize pot

Last year’s female winner won over $4,500 . . . this could be YOU!

Winnings are based on the number of participants, so encourage everyone you know to sign up. It means a healthier life for them, and a bigger prize for you!

We have Weight Loss Champions to register you at each Saint Luke’s site – Plaza, North, South, East, Clinton, Smithville, and Cushing Memorial Hospital. Other sites available are our Saint Luke’s Convenient Care Clinics, Jewish Community Center, some area Hy-Vee’s, and private companies.

Will your weight be confidential?

Your weight will be entered in a database that is available to only a select few people AND entered by a set of numbers and not your name – so yes, this will be highly confidential.

Don’t Let that New Year’s Resolution get away from you…come and

Get to your Summer Weight Now . . .

More information and forms are available at CWC website www.cardiowellnesscenter.org or our

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cardiowellness/

Or by calling

Lori J Wilson at 816-751-8480 (ljwilson@saint-lukes.org) or

Tammy Gazzano at 816-751-8330 (tgazzano@saint-lukes.org)

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