Heart Healthy Nutrition

There is so much information available on diet and nutrition that it may seem overwhelming as to what to eat. However, the recommendation for healthy eating is simple.

You should have lean protein and two colors at each of your meals. Yes, lean protein and two colors for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Many of the patients we see in the Cardio Wellness Center eat cereal for breakfast. Most cereals do not provide you with lean protein or colors. Often they are high in carbohydrates and sugars. Therefore, we do not recommend cereal for a healthy breakfast.

Healthy Snack Suggestionscwc-diet1

Some ideas for breakfast or any of your meals and snacks include:

  • Apple and celery slices with all natural peanut butter
  • Leftover meat from the night before with fruit and vegetable
  • Egg whites with fruit and vegetable
  • Handful of healthy nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans) with fruit and vegetable.

The nutrition book we recommend is The Forever Young Diet & Lifestyle written by Dr. James O’Keefe and Joan O’Keefe, RD. It is easy to read and keeps it simple. Just the way we like it!

You should always plan your meals ahead of time and plan for those days when you know you will be short on time and energy – that way you won’t head for the fast food services in your town or high carbohydrate and high sugar meals. Plan ahead, prepare ahead of time and retrain your brain.

Remember, if you look down at your plate and you do not have lean protein or two colors on your plate, you are not eating to feed your organs. Instead, you are eating for pleasure. The more color on your plate (fruits and vegetables) – the healthier your meal will be.

The best diet for preventing heart disease

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Sweets are sometimes the most difficult to give up when you are trying to eat healthy. Learn more about:

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