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Save the Date for our next Cardio Wellness Community Forum – April 26th, 2012

Ever want to meet your cardiologist or internal medicine physician out and just ask them questions? Interested in listening to one of Dr. James O’Keefe’s fun presentations on lifestyle and

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How to Make This Halloween Healthy

Want to make your Halloween healthy this year? Check out these 11 Halloween Tips: While sharing an experience with your kids, walking around outside and bonding with your neighbors are

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What Choices Are There When Patients Can’t Take Prescription Medication to Lower Their Cholesterol?

Unable to take prescription medications to lower cholesterol? Prefer over the counter supplements versus prescription medications? Check out our recent study: Some of the patients we see in the Cardio

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Cardio Wellness Center Healthy Happy Hour

Due to the HUGE success of our prior forums (standing room only) we are finishing this year out with our best one yet. Come hear the latest in health recommendations.

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How is the Work Force Wellness Index Holding Up?

Want to reduce costs at the office? Want to reduce your health care expendatures? Check this out: Thomson Reuters Workforce Wellness Index measures the cost of 6 modifiable risk factors

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Stay Focused

Stuck in a Rut? Down a pound or 2 and need motivation? Started off strong, losing steam? STAY FOCUSED! We have had several people weigh in this past week for

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WOW! Lose Weight AND Win BIG!

For those of you in our Weight Loss Competition, don’t forget the monthly weigh in for March this week! March 9th, 10th and 11th. The prize monies are as follows:

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3 Week Health Challenge

Want to kick start your weight loss program? Wanting to eat healthy and need to get started? Need encouragement for exercise? This challenge is for YOU! Get ready…Come Monday… Rules

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Too Sweet For Your Own Good?

Do you know your blood sugar (glucose) level? Have you been told you have diabetes or are pre-diabetes? Are You Too Sweet For Your Own Good? Check this out: Have

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Omega 3 Fish Oils: Blue Ocean to the Green Economy

Fish oil supplements are great for your heart health. Fish oil continues to update it’s products based upon the latest scientific evidence and what’s best for our environment. The use of

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