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2018 Monthly Interactive Cooking Classes

Monthly Interactive Cooking Classes We offer monthly interactive cooking classes with our Registered Dietician.  Learn to cook using nutritious, tasty recipes that will help you lead a healthy lifestyle.  Cooking

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2018 Weight Loss Competition Days Revealed!

Charles & Barbara Duboc Cardio Health & Wellness Center (CWC) at Saint Luke’s is sponsoring our 10th Annual Weight Loss Competition (WLC).  It is open to everyone – employees, patients,

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Good Fat versus Bad Fat

Dr James O’Keefe and his recent interview with Fox4 discussing the benefits of “good” fat and the hazards of “bad” fat.  Thank you Fox4. Nutrition studies suggest fats may not

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2018 Smoking Cessation Dates

We have updated our Winter 2018 Smoking Cessation Sessions. Each session is only four dates, FOUR hours total to be smoke-free and reduce your risk for cancer, stroke, and coronary

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What is Good Fat ????

Our own Lindsay Nelson, Registered Dietician, discussed with Carolyn Long at KCTV5 the types of fat to eat and avoid. Here is her awesome segment!  Thank you #KCTV5!

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Kick the Habit for Life – Smoking Cessation Classes

Our Winter Smoking Cessation class is now available for registration! Smoking Cessation Winter 2017 and 2018   2017 remaining days are November 6, 13, 15, and 20 Start your New Year

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Monthly Interactive Cooking Classes – October 12th – Video!

Monthly Interactive Cooking Classes – October 12th Join our Dietician, Lindsay and all the great choices for our Interactive Cooking Classes that she brings. Our October Monthly Interactive Cooking Demonstration

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October 2017 Interactive Cooking Class!

Thursday, October 12th – How to Eat with Diabetes Are you diabetic or pre-diabetic? Are you uncertain about what to eat or want some new ideas? In this class our

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September Cooking Class – Healthy Mexican Fare!

Mexican food – so delicious . . . so heavy. Learn how simple ingredient swaps can lighten and freshen up your favorite recipes! Join our dietician, Lindsay Nelson for this

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Healthy Back to School Breakfast!

Our dietician, Lindsay Nelson was on #Fox4kc this morning demonstrating this awesome dish! Feel good about fixing your family a time-saving healthy breakfast to get everyone going for the day!

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