Back to School Lunches – For you and the kids!

Want healthy, nutritious lunches for the kiddos?  Even for you!!


Check out the quick tips our nutritionist, Lindsay Nelson, has for you.


When packing your child’s lunch, remember four things: protein, fat, veggie and fruit. Here are some easy lunch ideas:

  • Hard boiled eggs, almond butter, celery, and blueberries
  • Cheese Stick, cashews, sugar snap peas, and raspberries
  • Grilled chicken strips, avocado, mini peppers, and a peach

Be careful of sugars hiding in some of the most popular items and try and look at the nutrition facts to avoid added sugars. Here are some substitutes you can try:

  • Instead of fruit snacks – try fruit
  • Instead of juice or chocolate milk – try water, plain milk or kefir, which is like yogurt
  • Instead of sugar yogurt – try plain yogurt, adding fruit, flax or chia seeds and a small amount of honey for sweetness.
  • Instead of a conventional granola bar – try a RX kids bar


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