Delish Nutrish! Salad in a Jar

Not sure of the order for your ingredients to make a nutritious Salad in a Jar?

Watch while our dietitian Lindsay Nelson shows you how to build your own Salad in a Jar!


Delish Nutrish: Salad in a Jar

Handy, convenient, compact, and… delish.

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Delish Nutrish! Chocolate Blueberry Yogurt Parfait

Thanks to our dietitian, Linsday Nelson, you too can make a nutritious snack!

Delish Nutrish: Yogurt Parfait

It's not just yogurt. It's not just a snack. It's Delish Nutrish!

Posted by Saint Luke's Health System on Wednesday, March 22, 2017


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Weekly Menu Plan – Week 2

For all our Weight Loss Competition participants, here is another healthy week menu.  The shopping list for this menu is included after the menu.

Please stay tuned for more menus to come!

Meal Plan WEEK 2

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April Interactive Cooking Class – Veggie Pasta

Satisfy your pasta cravings without weighing yourself down with carbs! 

We’ll make zoodles (zucchini noodles), cauliflower rice, and spaghetti squash noodles.

Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 5:30 pm


Cost is $15.00 per class with a maximum of 25 participants (minimum 5).

Register by phone at 816-751-8388 or online at


Charles & Barbara Duboc Cardio Health & Wellness Center

4321 Washington Street

Suite 2400

Kansas City, MO 64111


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Weekly Menu Plan




For all our Weight Loss Competition participants, here is another healthy week menu.  We have included a shopping list with this at the end.

Please stay tuned for more menus to come!


Meal Plan WEEK 1



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March Interactive Cooking Class – March 9, 2017

Craving Chinese Take-out?

We’ll show you how to make nutritious meals at home using fresh ingredients and less sodium. They’ll become your new stay-in favorites.

Classes start at 5:30 pm and cost is $15.00 per class. 


Charles & Barbara Duboc Cardio Health & Wellness Center

4321 Washington Street, Suite 2400

Kansas City, MO 64111


Register by calling Cardio Wellness Center at 816-751-8388.

Class maximum is 25 and minimum is 5.

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Heart Healthy Fats – Cooking Demonstration, February 9th

You still have time to register for the February Cooking Demo with our dietician, Lindsay. 

Preview her video here:

Call to register today at 816-751-8388 or online at


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9th Annual Weight Loss Competition (WLC) – Register week of February 6th

The Cardio Wellness Center at Saint Luke’s is sponsoring our 9th Annual Weight Loss Competition (WLC).  It is open to everyone – employees, patients, visitors, friends, and family – WLC Champions are not eligible to participate.  The initial weigh-ins will be February 6 through February 10, 2017.


Click here for the Weight Loss Competition Details and Registration Form.

So what is this all about?

This is a weight loss competition with both Women’s and Men’s Individual categories. The person in each category who has the greatest percent reduction in weight will win 75% of the pot (money), second place in each category receives 15% of the pot, and third place receives 10% of the pot. Each participant contributes $35.00 for registration or if registering with a partner, the fee is $50 for both.  The money will be used for prize winnings  . . . . so the more who register . . . the bigger the prize amount. Five dollars ($5.00) goes towards administrative costs.

What is required?

Initial weigh-in dates are February 6th through 10th with additional dates of February 11th at Jewish Community Center.   Our Final Weigh-in is May 1st through May 5th, with the final date of May 6th at Jewish Community Center. There are dates for monthly weigh-ins for March and April listed on the flier … monthly weigh-ins are encouraged but not mandatory to participate.

What can I win?

Aside from feeling great, looking great and improving your health, you can win money too!

  • 1st prize: 75% of the prize pot
  • 2nd prize: 15% of the prize pot
  • 3rd prize: 10% of the prize pot

Last year’s female winner won over $4,500 . . . this could be YOU!

Winnings are based on the number of participants, so encourage everyone you know to sign up. It means a healthier life for them, and a bigger prize for you!

We have Weight Loss Champions to register you at each Saint Luke’s site – Plaza, North, South, East, Clinton, Smithville, and Cushing Memorial Hospital. Other sites available are our Saint Luke’s Convenient Care Clinics, Jewish Community Center, some area Hy-Vee’s, and private companies.

Will your weight be confidential?

Your weight will be entered in a database that is available to only a select few people AND entered by a set of numbers and not your name – so yes, this will be highly confidential.

Don’t Let that New Year’s Resolution get away from you…come and

Get to your Summer Weight Now . . .

More information and forms are available at CWC website or our

Facebook page

Or by calling

Lori J Wilson at 816-751-8480 ( or

Tammy Gazzano at 816-751-8330 (

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Eat Fat for your Heart

For a few decades, Americans were told that a low-fat diet was the ideal diet for heart health. In place of fat, Americans started eating more carbohydrates; specifically, processed carbohydrates like crackers, muffins and sweetened foods and beverages. We now know that sugar and refined carbohydrates are the main culprit leading to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Reducing the intake of refined carbohydrates and increasing heart-healthy fats has many benefits including weight loss, lowered blood sugar and improved lipids.


What type of fat is best for your heart?


Focus on unsaturated fats. Specifically, olive oil, avocados and avocado oil, nuts, seeds and fatty fish. One study showed that one avocado a day can decrease your LDL cholesterol by 13 points!


Ideas on how to incorporate healthy fat into your daily diet:

Breakfast: one omega-3 egg with 1 cup veggies sautéed in olive oil. Top with ½ sliced avocado.

Lunch: Large salad drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice.

Dinner: Baked salmon with veggies roasted with avocado oil.

Snacks: nuts and seeds paired with 1 serving fruit or raw veggies.


Come check out our cooking class on February 9: Fat for Your Ticker to sample some tasty recipes with heart-healthy fat!

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2017 Smoking Cessation Class Sign Up

Kick the Habit for Life

Clear your lungs with Saint Luke’s Cardio Health & Wellness Smokeout Program

Winter 2017 Session 2

When you stamp out that cigarette and don’t light another, your body is on its way to better health in less time that it takes to watch your favorite sitcom.  Twenty minutes after your last drag, your blood pressure and heart rate drop.  Within weeks, your circulation and lung function improve.  One year without smoking and you cut your risk of developing coronary disease by half.

When you quit smoking, it means your breath, clothes, hair, and home no longer smell like cigarette smoke.  Teeth brighten, food tastes better, and smells are more potent.  You can move through your day without pausing to “catch your breath”.

With each passing smoke-free year, your cancer and stroke risks plummet.  Your family and friends who share your air will breathe easier, too.

You can succeed with help form your friends at Saint Luke’s Charles & Barbara Duboc Cardio Health & Wellness Center.  Our five-hour smoking cessation program is modeled after QuitSmart and is led by a certified Health & Wellness Coach in Smoking Cessation.

Dates for our 2nd session of 2017 are:


March 13, 20, 27, 29, April 3, and 10


What will it cost you?  $75. Five days. One hour at a time.


Call us at 816-751-8327 to register. Your heart and loved ones will thank you.


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