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Back to School Lunches – For you and the kids!

Want healthy, nutritious lunches for the kiddos?  Even for you!!   Check out the quick tips our nutritionist, Lindsay Nelson, has for you.   When packing your child’s lunch, remember

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Benefits of Omega-3

With all the controversies of Omega-3, here is an article published by Dr James DiNicolantonio, Research Scientist at Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute.  Dr DiNicolantionio works with Dr James

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Good Fat versus Bad Fat

Dr James O’Keefe and his recent interview with Fox4 discussing the benefits of “good” fat and the hazards of “bad” fat.  Thank you Fox4. Nutrition studies suggest fats may not

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12 Tips for Permanent Weight Loss

Ever wonder how to keep the weight off permanently? Ever wonder what you should eat to be healthy every day? Check out these 12 tips: Eat three healthy meals during

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How to Make This Halloween Healthy

Want to make your Halloween healthy this year? Check out these 11 Halloween Tips: While sharing an experience with your kids, walking around outside and bonding with your neighbors are

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Too Sweet For Your Own Good?

Do you know your blood sugar (glucose) level? Have you been told you have diabetes or are pre-diabetes? Are You Too Sweet For Your Own Good? Check this out: Have

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