In early 2001 at the age of 57, while going through a routine physical, I discovered that my Triglycerides were over 600 and that my total Cholesterol varied between 200-250. While I was scared, I was also not anxious to go on any medication, so I tried altering my diet (almost fat-free). I did that for a few months and managed to lower my Triglycerides count to 300, but obviously, that was still not enough. It was at that time we were told of Dr. James O’Keefe and to enroll at the Cardio Wellness Clinic. Also, a good friend strongly suggested that both my wife and myself go there for an evaluation. We did, and for seven years now, we have been going regularly and have seen our numbers drop to very acceptable ranges. Becky Captain and her group of professionals have worked very diligently at keeping both my wife and myself on a very healthy cardio track.

In the Spring of 2008, during another routine visit with Becky, it was discovered that my Glucose level was a little high and that I was pre-diabetic. That was another scary moment. However, once again, Becky very calmly instructed us on what I would have to do to get this reversed and we were on our way. For six months, I followed her instructions completely (low carb diet & exercise). I worked very hard at keeping my total carb intake down to acceptable ranges (using the 2008 Calorie & Fat Carbohydrate Counter as my carb intake “bible”). For those that love bread, potatoes, pasta and sweets, you know that this was not an easy task. However, by November I had managed to lose over 22 pounds and almost 3 inches off my waistline. My total cholesterol was 117, my HDL was up to 53 (a first), LDL 53, Triglycerides 52 and Glucose 85 (down from 108). thanks to Becky, I was no longer pre-diabetic, playing better tennis than ever and feeling like a forty year old again.

A very special thanks to Becky Captain and the entire Cardiovascular group for all their help and guidance. A healthy lifestyle is truly the key to a happy life!

Lenny, Age 65, Shawnee Mission, Kansas

When I came to Cardio Wellness Center, they helped me realize that what I was doing wasn’t just hurting my heart, but my general well-being.

Michael, Age 55 Columbia, MO

If it weren’t for Cardio Wellness my life would be completely different.

Jennifer, Age 47 Kansas City, MO

I am a 66 year old man with four stents in my heart. This is the 10th year of my association with the Cardio Wellness Clinic in which I have participated in cardio maintenance program to monitor medications, lab results, lifestyle choices and risk factors on a quarterly basis. It is due to this rigid Wellness program and the positive influence of Becky Captain, NP that I attribute my progress in combating my history of heart disease. I wish to express my appreciation to her and to the Cardio Wellness staff for the many years of lifesaving medical advice and encouragement. It is my belief that the Cardio Wellness Clinic is on the leading edge of prevention cardio care in the country.

David, Age 66 Pittsburg, KS

The “From the Heart” newsletters are the best. I love to read them… so inspiring, educational and motivating. Dr. O’Keefe, Dr. Moe and the Cardio Wellness team offer so much more than a typical office visit. The program has changed my life and changed my health for the better. I cannot thank you all enough.

Dan, Age 55 Olathe, KS

I want to thank you for your sincere interest in providing the best treatment for my cardiovascular problems. You also willingly spent extra time during my last appointment and two subsequent phone calls providing helpful follow-up information. You leave no stone unturned in answering my questions, and even had Dr. O’Keefe call me the very next day. His call was helpful and reassuring. You are efficient and I want to thank you for your extraordinary efforts. Your interest, extra time, knowledge and prompt service were greatly appreciated. See you again at my next visit.

Al, Age 78 Independence, MO

I got more out of my first session with you than I have in the past 8 years with my other health care providers. I was amazed at how thorough your risk assessment and recommendations are. I am motivated to work on improving my health. Thanks to all your staff for making my first session so informational, pleasant and encouraging.

Jacqueline, Age 65 Kansas City, MO

Ms. Captain, my sister will be traveling over 100 miles for her appointment with you. I want to make sure you will be seeing her and completing your thorough risk assessment and plan for her. I appreciate all you do for our patients and our community.

Dr. Glenn, KS

I want you to know how pleased I am with the progress in lowering my cholesterol. You are the only one who has helped me since I had my first cholesterol check, probably twenty-five or more years ago. It was certainly my lucky day when I met you during the Health Fair at the Kauffman Center two years ago. Many, many thanks.

Margot, Age 72 Overland Park, KS

I want to take this time to let you know how much I appreciate all you and Dr. O’Keefe have done for me since my first appointment with you. I truly am committed to my new and improved eating and exercise lifestyle. Thank you and your staff for always being there for me.

Sally, Age 72 Lenexa, KS

We want to thank you for helping us find a primary care physician. What a match that was for both of us. Most of all we appreciate your kindness and concern for my husband’s health. We have been blessed from the start in so many ways. You interest in our welfare started the ball rolling. We will never forget! You have enriched our life. Thank you.

Tony and Becky, Age 45 & 50 Liberty, MO

The Cardio Wellness staff have been wonderful to work with. My cholesterol has dropped by half.

Linda, Age 45 Raytown MO

When first coming to the Cardio Wellness Center I was overweight and at age 70 had little expectations. Now I am 30 lbs. lighter. I can exercise, work in the yard, pitch horseshoes and feel better about myself. With the continued help of Becky Captain and the Cardio Wellness staff I hope to be around many more years.

Paul, Age 71 Kansas City, MO

Great place. Great people. Helpful. I would recommend it and have to anyone. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Alma and Bill, Age 85 & 77 Unionville, MO

I look forward to my Cardio Clinic visits. I have learned much about what proper nutrition and exercise can do for your overall health. By participating with the clinic, I feel more accountable for my overall well being – something I have overlooked for years.

Mark, Age 45 Lenexa, KS

The Cardio Wellness clinic has helped me to have a much better life. The changes that God presented to me when my wife died in April 2009 have been very difficult. But, my appointments in the clinic have been with people who are all very understanding and very courteous. Always helping me to concentrate on daily healthy habits to get me through all these challenging times. I thank each of you.

Mike, Burr Oak, KS

LaTonya does a great job at getting the blood sample and making me feel welcomed at the Cardio Wellness Center. The care in this facility is wonderful.

Scott, Age 46 Liberty, MO

I like the structure of monitoring my lab work at each visit (having it done with results at the visit), comparing it to prior visits, and making specific changes based upon how all the variables line up. It makes me better.

Rita, Manhattan, KS

The Cardio Wellness Center is comprehensive, thorough, and a very welcoming place to come. Each visit the staff and Becky and Dr. O’Keefe have shown me ways to improve my health, compared my health to the prior visit and made recommendations accordingly. My health is a result of the clinics recommendations and my actions. I look forward to my visits and can’t wait to see my results.

Jim, Age 64 Leawood, KS

The Cardio Wellness clinic was the first to recommend I have such a complete assessment of my heart disease risks. through a calcium score they recommended, I found out that I had plaque in my arteries. This has changed my life completely. I am now walking most days of the week, eating healthy and working hard to slow the progression of my heart disease. I have better health because of the clinic and I recommend it to all my friends. It has changed my life.

Mary, Urbana, MO

I am really happy with the Wellness program. If it hadn’t been for the Wellness program I would not be in the good condition I am in today. I am thankful to the clinic and to Dr. Thompson for their care.

Mohammad, Raytown, MO

The Wellness program is so encouraging. I get new “tips” for a healthy life every time I come to the clinic. Valencia, does a wonderful job in getting your risk assessment data completed-she is so efficient. The guidance I have received from the clinic is the reason for my good health today. They keep me honest with myself, motivated, and educated. Thank you all for your service.

Susan, 45 Prairie Village, KS

I know my good health is due to the care and guidance of Dr. O’Keefe, Becky Captain, and the CardioWellness team. You all do not know how much you change peoples lives for the better.

Shirley, Age 81 Leavenworth, KS

We feel the whole USA health system should be based on your model of prevention and wellness. Your continued education to your patients to help us take care of ourselves and better ourselves is the most valuable gift you can give. This program is the most important program we know. Thank you.

JoAnne and Drew Prairie Village, KS

Cardiovascular Consultant’s preventive heart health program has greatly improved my wellness and quality of life. I completed the actions under Nurse Practitioner Captain’s guidance. I immediately saw an improvement in my cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose and blood pressure. I also felt better. In 2005, I weighed 205 lbs. and could not walk very far without getting pains in my legs and lower back. I read about PAD, peripheral artery disease, and later had an operation to correct the clogged arteries in my legs. Today, I weigh 160 lbs. , my risk factors for heart disease are optimally controlled and I can walk a long way without feeling any ill effects. My thanks to NP Captain and the CWC team for my improved health.

Jim C, Kansas City, MO