Weight Loss Competition (WLC)

Get ready for our annual WLC starting in February 2017.

The Cardio Wellness Center at Saint Luke’s is sponsoring our 9th Annual Weight Loss Competition (WLC).  It is open to everyone – employees, patients, visitors, friends, and family – WLC Champions are not eligible to participate.  The initial weigh-ins will be February 6th through February 10th.

Click here for the Weight Loss Competition Details and Registration Form.

So what is this all about?

This is a weight loss competition with both Women’s and Men’s Individual categories. The person in each category who has the greatest percent reduction in weight will win 75% of the pot (money), second place in each category receives 15% of the pot, and third place receives 10% of the pot. Each participant contributes $35.00 for registration or if registering with a partner, the fee is $50 for both.  The money will be used for prize winnings  . . . . so the more who register . . . the bigger the prize amount. Five dollars ($5.00) goes towards administrative costs. 

What is required?

Initial weigh-in dates are February 6th through 10th with additional dates of February 11th at Jewish Community Center.   Our Final Weigh-in is May 1st through May 5th, with the final date of May 6th at Jewish Community Center. There are dates for monthly weigh-ins for March and April listed on the flier … monthly weigh-ins are encouraged but not mandatory to participate.

What can I win?

Aside from feeling great, looking great and improving your health, you can win money too!

  • 1st prize: 75% of the prize pot
  • 2nd prize: 15% of the prize pot
  • 3rd prize: 10% of the prize pot

Last year’s female winner won over $4,500 . . . this could be YOU!

Winnings are based on the number of participants, so encourage everyone you know to sign up. It means a healthier life for them, and a bigger prize for you!

We have Weight Loss Champions to register you at each Saint Luke’s site – Plaza, North, South, East, Clinton, Smithville, and Cushing Memorial Hospital. Other sites available are our Saint Luke’s Convenient Care Clinics, Jewish Community Center, some area Hy-Vee’s, and private companies.

Will your weight be confidential?

Your weight will be entered in a database that is available to only a select few people AND entered by a set of numbers and not your name – so yes, this will be highly confidential.

Don’t Let that New Year’s Resolution get away from you…come and

Get to your Summer Weight Now . . .

More information and forms are available at CWC website www.cardiowellnesscenter.org or our

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cardiowellness/

Or by calling

Lori J Wilson at 816-751-8480 (ljwilson@saint-lukes.org) or

Tammy Gazzano at 816-751-8330 (tgazzano@saint-lukes.org)


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