Meet Our Providers

Our mission is to help you identify and manage risk factors for heart disease. By controlling these risk factors, you will decrease your risk for future heart events such as angioplasty, heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular death while enhancing your quality of life.

       Dr James O’Keefe                                          Dr Becky Captain


      Shirley Verbenec                                            Dr Sarah Smith

Cardio Wellness Medical Directors: James H O’Keefe, MD and Dr Becky K Captain with Advanced Practice Providers (APP) Shirley Verbenec and Dr Sarah E Smith.


Your CardioWellness providers include:


James O’Keefe, MD, FACC

Becky Captain, RN, DNP, CLS, BC, FNP-C

Shirley Verbenec, RN, MSN, BC, ANP

Sarah E Smith, RN, NP-C, AGPCNP-BC, PhD


These accomplished providers will all give you personalized attention and immediate feedback regarding your risks, along with a plan for minimizing your risk for heart disease.

Take Your Health to Heart
Once you identify and treat risk factors, you can cut your risk for a first or second heart attack by 30-50%