Too Sweet For Your Own Good?

Do you know your blood sugar (glucose) level? Have you been told you have diabetes or are pre-diabetes? Are You Too Sweet For Your Own Good? Check this out:

Have you been told you are “pre-diabetic” or “borderline for diabetes”? Or perhaps you have been told you have diabetes and are beginning to make the necessary lifestyle changes to manage it with diet and lifestyle…and maybe an oral medication or two. Most of Type II Diabetes (which used to be called adult onset diabetes…only now it is affecting our kids) can be prevented through healthy eating and exercise. We used to see Type II Diabetes in people ages 50s-60s…the years people began to let themselves go-not eat as healthy, less exercise, etc. Now, even our teenagers and young kids are eating bad and letting their health slide at much earlier ages. Many patients I see are surprised to learn that a fasting blood sugar of 100 or higher places one in the pre-diabetic category or that 2 fasting sugars of 126 or greater diagnosis one as diabetic. Well, those are the reference points. Do you know what your fasting blood sugar is? Yes, get out your lab results from your last annual physical and check out your fasting blood sugar (glucose) number. It is important for all of us to know our fasting blood sugar levels in order to optimize our health and prevent diabetes.

What is fortunate about Pre-Diabetes and Type II Diabetes is that most of it can be prevented through diet and lifestyle. This would involve decreasing simple carbohydrates and sugars in your diet (see Curbing Your Sweet Tooth) and adding aerobic exercise to your daily regimen. As a Nurse Practitioner I often depend on supplements to assist patients in optimizing their health along with optimal diet and exercise. For patients that have sugar levels greater than 100, I often recommend CardioGT (glucose tolerance) which when used along with the proper diet and exercise regimen, can help maintain a healthy blood sugar level. CardioGT is formulated using natural ingredients which have been identified to have a positive impact on glucose metabolism. These ingredients are chromium, alpha-lipoic acid, magnesium, vanadium and cinnamon.

Diabetes, or pre-diabetes, significantly increases your risk for heart disease. If you are one of these individuals with elevated blood sugar levels, CardioGT, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise, may help assist you in improving your long-term health outlook . Click on Resources at our home page and go to CardioTabs for further information regarding CardioGT.

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